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--- Accounting News & More ---

Accounting Blogs & News (Professional)

Accounting Blogs & News (Industry)

Focus on technical, in-depth analyses and best practices about specific accounting subjects. Full list. Focus on latest news, trends, and developments in the accounting industry. Full list.

Accounting Onion 

Blog, recent topics covered are about Re-introducing Principles to Financial Accounting, Double-Entry Accounting in Modern Times, or the Asset Impairment Song and Dance.

Accounting Today 

Well known accounting news site covering business news for the accounting community, breaking news, and in-depth accounting articles. 


Popular blog from The Maryland Association of CPAs covering a wide range of accounting topics but also industry related news.

Accountex Report 

Blog that focusses on Accounting Technology, Accounting for Small Businesses and Accounting Tech Trends.

The Fraud Files

Blog dedicated to the practice of forensic accounting, giving insights into fraud, scams, scandals, and court cases.

Accounting Web

Online community for CPAs in the US, providing news, software tools and guidance from industry voices.

--- Accounting Learning ---

Accounting Basics

Accounting Books

Learn more about basic accounting concepts via these great resources for students, small businesses, and bookkeepers. Accounting Books recommended most times by Business Owners, Students, or Accounting Pro's. Full list

Accounting Coach

All basic accounting principles explained via free explanatory, Q&A's, Quizzes and much more.

Accounting Made Simple

Accounting Explained in 100 Pages or Less. Highly popular book that tries to avoid technical accounting jargon.


Provides useful and informative lessons about various accounting topics to help you learn and become well-versed in accounting.

Accounting All-in-One For Dummies 

Powerful one-stop accounting reference. It offers a basic understanding of accounting practices.

My Accounting Course

Accounting course covering basic accounting principles, transactions, and operations. With examples of real business transactions.

Warren Buffet Accounting

One of Buffet’s 3 favorite books. His style of investing is fundamental analysis followed by pure accounting research. 

Online Accounting Courses

Accounting Cheat Sheets

Take the world's best accounting courses online, from top universities, institutions, and online learning platforms. Full list Use these Cheat Sheets to beef up your accounting knowledge or just use them for quick reference purposes. Full List 


Offering high-quality Accounting Courses from the world’s best universities and institutions, varying from introductory to advanced levels.

Accounting Play

Handy overview of all basic accounting concepts in 7 pages.



Access to the world’s best education, offering more than 263 courses related to Accounting. All levels are covered.

Accounting Coach

More than 23 pages describing all sorts of accounting topics.



Free and paid accounting courses offered, of all levels and lots of choices.

Accounting Scholar

Up to 35 pages going through the full accounting spectrum.


Online Accounting Degree Programs

 Most Trusted University Ranking Lists

These online university accounting programs are ranked highest by all the University Ranking tables combined together. Full List These are the most trusted annual rankings published for Online Accounting University Programs. Full List

Northeastern University

A premier private university in the US with an option to choose courses in accounting information systems, taxation, international finance, investment management, and financial strategy.

Affordable Colleges Online

Ranking is based upon most notable balances of academic rigor, program availability, student support and affordability for online learning.

Colorado State University

This was the first 100% online public university in the US and you are able to choose from 18 accounting specializations getting you ready for any accounting career.

Accredited Online Schools

Ranking is based on costs, course variety, student-teacher ratio's, graduation rates, support services offered, academic/career counseling services, and loan default rates.

Penn State

One of the first university's to offer online education and their online faculty are the same faculty who teach on their campus courses. The program prepares for CPA or other certifications.

Best Colleges

Ranking is based upon admissions rate, enrollment rates, retention rate, graduation rate, affordability, loan default rate, and number of online programs offered. 

  --- Accounting Annual Salary Surveys ---

Global & Regional Accounting Salary Surveys

Salary Surveys for Typical Accounting Jobs

These salary surveys are a comprehensive resource for the latest remuneration and recruitment trends for the Accounting Professional. Full List  These surveys show the average salary ranges for typical Accounting Jobs. Full List 

Rober Walters Annual Salary Survey

Global Salary Survey published annually and is based on the analysis of permanent, interim and contract placements made across the globe and their recruitment disciplines, including Accounting.

Partner Salary at US Accounting Firms

From Payscale, and shows the average Salary of a Partner at an Accounting Firm in the US and includes common career paths for Partners and payment by experience levels for Partners. 

Robert Half 2018 Salary Guide

This is a comprehensive resource for the latest remuneration and recruitment trends for the Accounting & Finance Professional across the UK.

Salary for Various Accounting Firm Jobs

From Payscale, and shows the salary of typical jobs at a US Accounting Firm, like Staff Accountant, CPA, Senior Accountant, Tax Accountant, etc.  

IMA Salary Surveys

Includes comprehensive Salary Surveys for the Accounting Professional for the following regions: Global, USA, KSA, China, and UAE.

CPA Salaries in the US

From Indeed, and shows the salary range of typical CPA jobs in the US, like CPA, Senior Accountant, Tax Accountant, Controller, CFO, Senior Tax Manager, etc. 

   --- Top Accounting Firms Rankings ---

 Accounting Firms Rankings: Revenue

 Accounting Firms Rankings: Other Criteria

Most trusted annual rankings of the top global / regional accounting firms based on revenues. Full List Most trusted annual rankings of the top global / regional accounting firms based on various criteria. Full List

Global Accountancy Top 10 in 2017 (CA Magazine)

Top 10 largest global accountancy firms in 2017 by revenues.

Overall Accounting Top 50 in the US (Vault)

Combined ranking based on criteria like work-life balance & overall prestige.  

Top 100 Firms in the US 2016 (Accounting Today)

The 100 largest accountancy firms in the US by 2016 revenues.

Best Accounting Firms to Work for in the US (Vault)

Criteria include: benefits, client interaction, compensation, culture, training, hours, satisfaction, vacations, work/life balance

Top 100 Firms in the UK 2017 (Accountancy Age)

The 100 largest accountancy firms in the UK by 2017 revenues.

Top Accountancy Firms Based on Employees

Largest accountancy firms by number of employees (global, US, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific & more regions) 

   --- Various Accounting Topics ---

Accounting/Finance Tools, Calculators & Ratios

 Accounting Infographics 

A selection of some handy and free online accounting tools/calculators/ ratios.   A selection of the most helpful and favorite accounting cheat sheets. Full List

Swifttutors Calculators

More than 125 accounting/finance calculators, including explanations.


Accounting Cheat Sheet

Covering the purpose of accounting, cash flow cycles, documentation needed, reading financial statements, and how to find a business accountant.

Accounting for Management

A list of about 25 accounting calculators to help you calculate your ratios.

Small Business Accounting Checklist

A checklist covering daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting to do's.

My Accounting Course

About 45 financial ratios, including explanations, so you can do any financial analysis for your business.

Top 25 Certifications for Accountants

Describing all certifications that exist in the Accounting profession.

Accounting Industry Reports & Surveys

A selection of insightful Reports & Surveys about the Accounting Industry.  

World Accounting Industry Survey

International Accounting Bulletin's annual world survey covering global/regional rankings, recruitment trends, and predictions for the future. 


Professional Accountants - The Future

A 60+ page report about the drivers of change and the future skills of Accounting Pros from ACCA, the global body for professional accountants. 



There are many more Accounting Topics to be covered by our Accounting Resources list so just check-in once in a while to stay up to date.