If you do not enter a keyword, the profiles are ranked by registration date.

When you enter a keyword, our search engine first identifies the profiles that match that keyword and then ranks the results by keyword relevance and registration date.

When search filters are selected, the profiles are ranked basis the filter criteria applied.

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Full Transparency

The goal of our Platform is to help finding the best Advisor for the job, nothing more nothing less. As such, the Platform’s intention is to make the advisory world more transparent by sharing Advisor’s specialization, their work performed and their Clients Feedback received. In this respect it is good to know that:

  • Ranking of search results is never influenced by type of Membership.
  • No paid listings.
  • No advertisement type of arrangements.
  • No commission or transaction fee asked.
  • Just a Profile that can be created by any Advisor.
  • Just search and rank profiles via search filters applied.
  • See their Feedback.
  • Get directly in touch with your favorite Advisors any time and any way you want.