Should I register as a Client / Searcher?
Searching is always free and possible, whether you are registered as a Client / Searcher or not. However, registration enables additional functionality for Clients / Searchers, which is also always free:

  • Save your ideal Advisors to your favorites;
  • Save your search results with the search filters chosen;
  • Provide Feedback to Advisors you have worked with; and
  • Communicate with (online) Advisors via the build-in chat / email tool.

How to register as a Client / Searcher?
To register, click the sign in button, then click register and select “I am a Searcher” and then provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Make-up a password
  • Your country (to be provided after registration)

After registration you are ready and can start using the extra functionality as described above.