If, for whatever reason, a Consultant of a Company switches from employer, that Consultant will automatically take his / her Feedback received with him / her. Accordingly, that Consultant’s Feedback will not be included anymore in the Company’s overall Feedback Rating.

Likewise, if a Consultant joins a Company and they become Connected then the Consultant’s Feedback history will be included the Company’s overall Feedback Rating calculation.

The principle that the Feedback received “sticks” to the Consultant / Freelancer who has earned it is always applied, including when: 

  • Consultant moves to another country but stays with same employer in that other country;
  • Consultant switches from employer in the same country;
  • Consultant moves to another employer in another country;
  • Consultant becomes Connected to a Company;
  • Consultant Disconnects from a Company;
  • Consultant becomes a Freelancer;
  • Freelancer becomes a Consultant;
  • Freelancer becomes a Consultant and Connects to a Company.

 See here for more information on Company / Consultant Connections.