Feedback is an important tool for comparing and selecting the best business advisor for the job. As such it is critical for Consultants / Freelancers to build a reputation of Client satisfaction in the form of Feedback.

For Consultants / Freelancers it also important to see to what other Advisors Feedback has been given by a Client as they then can evaluate whether that Client has a history of consistent hiring and payment and whether they are fair in their assignments provided.

As a result Feedback serves as references for both parties when evaluating whom to work with in the future.

It is our general policy that Feedback will never be removed unless it can be regarded as a violation of our Terms of Service.

My Client gave me less than desirable Feedback
Leaving Feedback is a basic privilege of a Client. As such a Client has the right to share their experience. In a well performed assignment, providing Feedback is up to the Client. If you are rated lower than their expectations, Consultants / Freelancers are accountable for their ratings and are responsible for their own customer service. In this case, personal taste related to the service/deliverables is acceptable. We will recognize dishonest reviews if the feedback becomes abusive and can be regarded as a violation of our Terms of Service.

Consultants / Freelancers are encouraged to ask their Clients to provide Feedback on services provided. However Consultants / Freelancers may not abuse, retaliate, or spam Clients in providing positive feedback. If this activity is reported, it may result in a warning or suspension of your account. Consultants 500 does not tolerate bullying or manipulation of our rating system.

Why can’t my Feedback be removed?
Services offered on Consultants 500 are performed by Consultants / Freelancers. Consultants 500 is not responsible for the quality level of services offered by Consultants / Freelancers or act directly as support agents for their services. Consultants / Freelancers are expected to offer their own forms of customer support within the guidelines of our Terms of Service.

If our Customer Support has received a complaint about Feedback received they will review each case thoroughly before taking any action against such Feedback. Requests to remove Feedback, unless in clear violation of our Terms of Service, can only be requested up to 30 days after Feedback has been provided. If determined that a feedback review is not eligible to be removed, the Consultant / Freelancer will be notified of the specific reason why. Repeated requests for feedback to be removed after being notified will not be granted, and if it becomes abusive, will result in an account warning or in extreme cases, suspension from Consultants 500.

Please keep in mind that Customer Support requires at minimum a reason why the feedback is requested to be removed. Simply stating "Please remove this feedback" will not be addressed without clarifications from Customer Support.