Creating profiles as a Consultant / Freelancer / Company is fully free and these profiles can be searched for and contacted in the same way as upgraded memberships.

To make use of additional functionality like showing your Portfolio, direct Chatting or showing more details of your Feedback received you need to subscribe to an upgraded Membership plan for which a monthly fee is due.

Read more about the available Membership plans, the related functionality levels and the costs involved here.  

Client / Searcher
For Clients who are searching for Advisors and / or providing Feedback to Advisors the use of the Website is always free. To make use of certain additional functionality you need to register, however the use of this extra functionality is also always free. See here what this extra functionality relates to.

Other key elements:

  • Ranking of search results is never influenced by type of Membership.
  • No paid listings.
  • No advertisement type of arrangements.
  • No commission or transaction fee asked.
  • Just a Profile that can be created by any Advisor.
  • Just search and rank profiles via search filters applied.
  • See their Feedback.
  • Get directly in touch with your favorite Advisors any time and any way you want.