Feedback is an important tool for comparing and selecting the best business advisor for the job. As such it is critical for Consultants / Freelancers to build a reputation of Client satisfaction in the form of Feedback.

For Consultants / Freelancers it also important to see to what other Advisors Feedback has been given by a Client as they then can evaluate whether that Client has a history of consistent hiring and payment and whether they are fair in their assignments provided.

As a result Feedback serves as references for both parties when evaluating whom to work with in the future.

Request Feedback
As a Consultant / Freelancer you can always request Feedback from Clients for work performed, independent of what type of Membership you have. However, the level of visibility of your Feedback received towards other users depends on the Membership plan chosen.

Get Feedback
Clients can also give Feedback to registered Consultants / Freelancers at their own initiative, without being requested to do so.

Feedback can always be given at own initiative, independent of the type of Membership of the Consultant / Freelancer. However, the level of visibility of Feedback received towards other users depends on the Membership plan chosen by the Consultant / Freelancer.

Can Consultants / Freelancers manipulate Feedback?
Maintaining the integrity of the Feedback process is critical for ensuring a well-functioning marketplace. The quality of the services delivered should be the determining factor in the Feedback provided.  Consultants 500 does not allow manipulation of the Feedback system through means such as:

  • Receiving fake Feedback to artificially raise Feedback scores.
  • Providing free / discounted services in order to procure artificial Feedback scores.