There are only 2 requirements for creating a connection: (i) the Consultant needs to be employed by that Company and (ii) both need to be located in the same country.

Connections can be created by:

  • Request - Click the “Connect with” button in your profile, select to whom you want to connect from the list and click send request. The connection will be established after the receiver has confirmed the request in the request email received.
  • Automatically - If a Company registers Consultants via its “Register Consultants” section connections will be established automatically.

Connections can be removed by: 

  • Consultant – At your profile click on the “x” behind the Company you are connected to and confirm that you want to leave this company. You are then directly disconnected and no confirmation step is required from the Company.
  • Company – At your profile go to your Consultants section listing all the Consultants connected to your Company. Click the “trashcan” behind the Consultant you want to remove and confirm that you want to remove this Consultant form your Company. This Consultant is then directly disconnected from your Company and no confirmation step is required from the Consultant.
  • Automatically – Connections are removed automatically if either a Company or a Consultant changes its location (country). 

Creating a Basic profile for a Consultant and a Company is and will always be free. So there is no reason not to have all your Consultants registered and connected to your Company profile. And even more important, this will increase your visibility and reach on our platform so why wait?

See here what Company / Consultant connections are.