OptiSol reiterating its focus on SME’s with revised positioning


OptiSol has re-engineered its service orientation and our website has also been re-designed to reflect the changes. Our approach has been built on SME engagement framework with right balance towards commercial and open source platforms. Emphasizing further to our commitment on solution based services; our corporate logo has been updated with our core attribute as Solutions | Services.

Our services have been consolidated under four focus areas:

  1. Enterprise Content Management
    2. Enterprise Solutions
    3. Technology Outsourcing
    4. Professional Services

The focus areas have been mapped to our technology capabilities and as highlighted earlier, it has been a right mix of commercial and open source based platforms. This right mix of offerings enables us to provide a solution that would meet their specific needs and wants. This helps us to uniquely address each customer requirements depending on their value chain. We have built capabilities to understand the unique needs of startups and how to differentiate that over the operational/business needs of SMEs.

We have built specific packages for Startups for their web content management, workflow management and eBusiness strategies. As an Internet based startup, your initial focus would on a web content management platform to disseminate your business proportion. Considering that it is a startup, OptiSol maps the specific needs to the available open source ECM platforms and implements a WCM system with a robust backend to manage your future needs. This would help you to enhance visibility and customer awareness to generate traffic and revenue.

OptiSol also helps you to establish your eBusiness channel and assists in strategies around it from techno-functional perspective. This involves multi faceted approach that involves technology as well as organized marketing campaigns. OptiSol would be able to help you in this initial step through our start up consulting business unit. We have expertise in building working prototypes that would facilitate you to scout for Venture Capitalists or Business Associates. We have created many success stories as a technology partner to internet startups. We have built working prototypes that facilitated our clients to generate investments and business partners and it has been a growth story since then.

For SMEs we have a basket of content management solutions both in open source and commercial platforms. Our Enterprise Solutions suite has CRM packages, eBusiness solutions, Sharepoint and BI & DW solutions.

Our application design and development capabilities would help SMEs to build their custom application leveraging our technology capabilities across platforms.

To consolidate, our orientation towards SMEs is built on a need based solution approach leveraging technical expertise on commercial as well as open source platforms. We take our customers through a typical tailoring process keeping them informed on the decision points and choice events. This again, reiterates our orientation towards solution based services with a partnership approach. This reorientation has been infused down the pyramid and will reflect across our communications, development methodologies etc.

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