Does conversational AI work for Enterprises and can they automate vital engagement processes?



Recently we saw screenshot that became viral and thought it was free PR to the concerned organization but it might have done some damage to bots and sure they may be heading to file some defamation suit in some courts.

Now the story, this organization is into financial services providing payment services. In the screenshot, the bot greets the users to ask a question and the user responds with a message that “I got scammed” and the bot responds with message ‘Great!’

The automated responses may turn weird at times and it may hurt the user more than the actual pain that made him to get in touch via the support portal.  

The virtual assistants can help in avoiding human interactions with instant responses and they are available 24/7. The caveat is on picking right processes that can be enabled with conversational AI via bots.

  1. As a start, Bots work without hassles with closed end options, like cancelling an order or track where the shipment currently etc. and further issues can be escalated to human intervention
  2. It helps in managing enterprise stakeholders and smart workforce management via tools to update vacations, book conference rooms, and record expenses, get policy guideline clarifications etc.
  3. The bots also work well for enhancing process efficiency by answering questions based on pre-loaded intelligence like getting clarifications around legal documents, policies, safety guidelines, etc.
  4. Bots also do a wonderful job in answering information around processed data, like a quick glimpse of financials, sales figures, competitor information, and equity updates etc. and can be a wonderful assistant to CXOs.
  5. The major places not to leverage bots is around areas constrained by languages, emergency updates/clarifications, and emotionally sensitive areas.

The best way gets start with Bot implementation:

At OptiSol, we have center of excellence focused on AI and ML services and as part of that practice, we have built voice and text bots across verticals. We offer PoC development to evaluate the offering and our team of AI and ML engineers along with bot textual experts can assist in this part of digitization strategy.

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