How Technology can lend a helping hand during challenging times?


Robin Cook novels and Contagion movie were just fillers to pass our time. Whenever we watch Hollywood movies where aliens attack and try to capture the earth, we were sure that someone like Bruce Willis or Will Smith would save us for sure. With the advent of Covid19, we are made to look at scientists and research scholars and medical professionals for their opinions and celebrity chart has changed its course.

A similar change is happening in the world of technology where increasing organizations are forced to adopt digital technologies and amend their business processes to the new norm of the world order. Science and technology has always offered helping hands in the time of distress and there are many options for enterprises to leverage technology to overcome this challenging time. Following are three major focus areas that enterprises can leverage:

  • Reach-out and smoothen customer experience
  • Empathize and collaborate with workforce
  • Reengineer & Venture ahead

Reach-out and smoothen customer experience:

The only thing available without limits during lockdown is internet and data. During lock down or post lockdown, your customers would be looking forward to consume your services in safe manner. It would be the appropriate time to make your services and information around that available for easy access.

  1. User centric web portals and mobile applications
  2. On demand applications to sell products or services
  3. Location based servicesto meet specific needs
  4. Mobile platform with video chat and collaboration tools for hospitals, personal tutoring and fitness centers
  5. Digital tools that ensure customers of your availability when they need you



Empathize and collaborate with workforce

  • Provide digital tools and collaboration platforms
  • Provide virtual tools to manage communication
  • Onboard vendors on your core applications and integrate them as part of your core business process
  • Remote workforce management with reoriented HR practices
  • Periodic communication via different channels


Reengineer & Venture ahead

  • Leverage analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Leverage your historic data to manage cash flow and operations
  • Sales/marketing tools to reengineer sales process
  • Enhance process efficiency using vision/text analytics tools
  • Identify automation opportunities and tools to accelerate the digital journey
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