5 Ways Machine Learning Can Transform Supply Chain Management

Machine learning is changing the future of supply chain management. According to a recent study by Mckinsey Global Institute, advanced AI technologies have the potential to unlock a global economic impact of $10-15T across all industry segments. ... + View more

Building Modern Applications on Microservices using Microsoft Technology Stack – Part 1

Pros and Cons of Microservices – The Trending Business Architecture What is Microservices? A microservices architecture is a suite of small, autonomous services which are independently self-contained and implemented to a single business capability... + View more

Azure Push Notification Hub- Push Notification service of Azure

Introduction to Azure Push Notification Hub Push notifications deliver information from a back end system to a mobile application. Apple, Google, and other platforms each have their own Push Notification Service (PNS). Azure Notification Hubs enab... + View more

Quick Overview of .NET Core and ASP .NET Core

What is .NET Core and Why use it? .NET Core, a new version of .NET Framework, is known to be a free, open-source, general-purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft.  .NET Core Framework can be used to build different types of applicatio... + View more

Effective Project Management - Casestudy

Overview Practically, most construction companies would want their projects to be completed and delivered on time without any delay. It is the duty of a project manager to take proactive steps in order to avoid any hold ups. But how can the manage... + View more

6 things you should know about Azure Data Lake

1) What is Azure Data Lake storage? It’s the enterprise wise repository for big data analytics workloads. Data stored can be of any type and any size. A single store for all data All ranges of data can be stored such as raw data to the highly tr... + View more

How to get your hospital online with a web and mobile app platform?

The impact of Covid is here to stay on a long terms and it is also getting obvious that the impact of the epidemic on healthcare systems goes beyond the current turbulence and there will be new norms. Necessity is the mother of invention and disr... + View more

Why should Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) tap into Cloud Computing?

If this is your question, in the prevailing pandemic situation, companies irrespective of their sizes are forced to work on a remote basis evolving varying operational models. Thanks to the adoption of cloud, today the IT infrastructure cost for ... + View more

How Technology can lend a helping hand during challenging times?

Robin Cook novels and Contagion movie were just fillers to pass our time. Whenever we watch Hollywood movies where aliens attack and try to capture the earth, we were sure that someone like Bruce Willis or Will Smith would save us for sure. With ... + View more

Top 6 Advantages of Using Laravel Framework

A PHP framework is a platform that allows developers to develop web applications. The PHP frameworks allow developers to rapidly develop the web apps. That is the reason why every web application development company choose PHP frameworks for thei... + View more

Technology Dilemma: Why JavaScript and how it fits in digitization?

Increasing organizations are getting Chief Digital Officers or someone at CXO level to focus purely on digitization. The digital officers primarily focus on adoption of digital technologies and transformation from legacy ecosystem. The transformat... + View more

5 vendors who offer Enterprise Mobility solutions and services in 2019

Being an entrepreneur for more than 3 decades, never seen and heard people talking about Technology so religiously as they do now. As we all say, Technology is all around us these days. Business is, without doubt, one of the fields that have bene... + View more

Does conversational AI work for Enterprises and can they automate vital engagement processes?

  Recently we saw screenshot that became viral and thought it was free PR to the concerned organization but it might have done some damage to bots and sure they may be heading to file some defamation suit in some courts. Now the story, this organ... + View more

How AI can be used effectively in health care industry and what ways it helps the industry?

With Covid-19 pandemic raging all around the world causing harm to public health and livelihoods, this is a good time to strategize how AI can be used effectively to help the health care industry to fight this pandemic in particular and overall p... + View more

Technology Dilemma: Why JavaScript and how it fits in digitization?

Increasing organizations are getting Chief Digital Officers or someone at CXO level to focus purely on digitization. The digital officers primarily focus on adoption of digital technologies and transformation from legacy ecosystem. The transforma... + View more

4 Types of Data Analytics that support Artificial Intelligence

Data analytics is the process of extracting, transforming, loading, modeling, and drawing conclusions from data to make decisions. It’s the “drawing conclusions” bit that BI tools are most concerned with, as the extracting, transforming, and load... + View more

Technology modernization for digitization – Part 3

With a microservice standardization and design mindset that we talked about in earlier two parts, the final one is going to be around change management where we will explore options to automate and leverage tools to manage operations what we call... + View more

OptiSol Business Solutions gets accolades for Cloud Solutions at the Express IT Awards 2019

OptiSol Business Solutions has been recognized under the Cloud Solutions category for 2019 at the 7th edition of Express IT awards as a runner-up. The award was presented by S.Ramadorai – former Vice Chairman of Tata Consultancy Services at Mumba... + View more

Labeling Service for Machine Learning

Labeling as service, what does it actually mean? Data Labeling Service – an AI Platform which allows us to generate accurate and high-quality labels using Machine learning models on the collection of data. Say for example, you have a collection o... + View more

OptiSol reiterating its focus on SME’s with revised positioning

OptiSol has re-engineered its service orientation and our website has also been re-designed to reflect the changes. Our approach has been built on SME engagement framework with right balance towards commercial and open source platforms. Emphasizi... + View more

4 Things Enterprises can Learn from Social Communities

An enterprise is any business or company, and the goal of a business is to make money (unless non-profit). All measures are executed with the caveat that they directly or indirectly (short-term or long-term) result in profits for stakeholders. A ... + View more

Technology modernization for digitization – Part 2

Further to our last article, let us deep dive into agility of technology infrastructure. In many organizations, the ability to transform and reorient the applications, make minor enhancements takes months due to rigidity of the technology stack a... + View more

Using Computer Vision to improve Health and Workplace safety

Recent developments in the field of training Neural Networks (Deep Learning) and advanced algorithm training platforms like Google’s TensorFlow and hardware accelerators from Intel (OpenVino), Nvidia (TensorRT) etc., have empowered developers to ... + View more

Four things to look for before hiring your IT SMAC vendor

Are you running out of patience with your current SMAC Vendor?  For the uninitiated, SMAC is an acronym for ‘Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud’. It is a fast emerging business model based on the convergence of the four aforementioned trending tech... + View more

Technology Modernization for Digitization – Part 1

When was the last time you saw a “Site temporarily down for maintenance” page? When was the last time you saw glitches with large scale social media applications last for more than few hours? When I was a kid, we used to have instances when the t... + View more

Digital Transformation – Cultural or Technological?

Just take a look around you at the office. Chances are you’ll see a dozen pieces of technology that have quietly taken over aspects of your everyday life. The Phone, Laptop, or Office ID Badge. The Expansion of the application of technology is wh... + View more

Footprints of Success – Lessons learnt in adopting Digital Transformation

Organizations that have successfully embraced Digital Transformation are well on their mark to reap the real benefits and RoI (Return on Investments). For every success story, however, there are many more perceived or real failures. It is equally... + View more

Angular.js – Fundamentals and Implementations with MVC Frameworks

Angular JS is becoming the preferred Java Script Framework for building high performance web applications, especially building JavaScript Single Page Applications. The features and the continuous updates happening in AngularJS world is helping de... + View more

How Secure is your Information @ Offshore

Ensuring robust Information-Security system while Outsourcing. Outsourcing has been indispensable to flourish and often outlast, for many organizations due to the promising rewards it offer including cost and efficiency savings, reduced overhead,... + View more

10 Questions from Clients about Data Security on Cloud and How to Answer Them

Over OptiSol’s decade long high-end IT Services projects with clients across the globe, I am often confronted with questions about how we manage data, and in particular data on cloud. Clients are often rightfully paranoid about IP and unauthorize... + View more

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