Feedback is an important tool for comparing and selecting the best business advisor for the job. As a Client you can give Feedback to Consultants / Freelancers in 2 ways: (i) you have been requested to provide Feedback, or (ii) give Feedback at your own initiative.

Requested to provide Feedback
A Consultant / Freelancer can always request Feedback from Clients for their work performed.

If you have been requested by your Advisor to provide Feedback, the process takes less than 2 minutes and is as follows:

  1. As a Client you will receive an invite email to provide Feedback to your Advisor.
  2. By clicking the link in the received email you will be routed to a Feedback page where you can leave a Review.
  3. After you have submitted the review by pressing the Save button the review will be published directly on your Advisor’s profile.

Provide Feedback at own Initiative
As a Client, you can also always give Feedback to registered Consultants / Freelancers at your own initiative, without being requested to do so.

The process to provide Feedback at your own initiative takes less that 2 minutes and is as follows: 

  1. Sign in to your Searcher account. If you do not have an account yet you should register first as a Searcher, which can be done here.
  2. Go to the profile of the Consultant / Freelancer you want to Review and click on “Review me”.
  3. Complete the review and after clicking on save your review will be published directly on your Advisor’s profile.

Feedback Process & Questions
It only takes a few minutes to give Feedback to a Consultant / Freelancer whereby a Skill Rating and / or a personal written review can be made which looks as follows:



After the Client presses the save button the Feedback will be directly incorporated in the Consultant’s / Freelancer’s profile which looks as follows:


Feedback & different Memberships
Feedback can always be given to Consultants / Freelancers independent of what type of Membership they have. However, the level of visibility of their Feedback received towards other users depends on the Membership plan chosen by the Consultant / Freelancer.

See here, for the different levels of visibility for Feedback received and related Membership plans.

Other Key Elements

  • The rank of search results is never influenced by type of Memberships.
  • Upgraded Memberships only involve additional functionality, like extra visibility of Feedback received.


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