To create your profile you should first register / sign up and provide the following information: 

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Make-up a password
  • State whether you are a Consultant or a Freelancer (this can always be changed later)
  • Your country

After you have signed up you are ready to complete your profile. Your profile functions as your online resume that your Clients will use to evaluate your expertise and background. As such, it is an essential tool for finding new opportunities. Therefore we suggest making sure that you have a well-written overview along with many samples of your work, your experience level, your work history and ask for Feedback on your Profile page.

Your Profile exists of the following sections:


Profile Photo
Upload a portrait image of yourself or a logo image, whatever you want. Your portrait should be a verifiable likeness of you and we suggest following these guidelines.

Summarize your expertise in a few words triggering Clients why they should hire you.

To state for what Company you work, you need to connect to that Company. This can be the Company you are employed by as a Consultant or your business name you may use as a Freelancer. A connection can only be made to a registered Company. So if your Company is not registered yet, you can just create a separate Company profile, which is always free, and connect to that Company. See here how to create and maintain your Company profile.

Find out (i) when and why a separate Company account is needed, (ii) what Company / Consultant connection are or (iii) how to create and manage such connections.

Contact Email
Provide any email address where you would like (potential) Clients to contact you on.

Contact Phone
Provide any phone number where you would like (potential) Clients to contact you on.

My Services
Highlight your background, what Services you offer and why Clients should hire you.

Advisory Type
Select the relevant Business Service that you work in as a Consultant / Freelancer.

Service Line
Select the relevant Service Lines that best match your lines of expertise.

Summarize your expertise in a few key words in the format of Tags.

Experience Level
Select your experience level.

Select your rate/hour charged to Clients on average.

Size of typical Clients
Select the size of your typical Clients.

Industry Specialization
If you have any Industry Specialization, select the Industry that your typical Clients operate in.

Previous Employers
Name your previous employers to give your Clients an idea about your history.

College / University degree
Select the type of education you have.

Specialized training, Certifications
Describe any specialized trainings, certifications that support your expertise or that may be relevant for your Clients to know.

Other Credentials
Describe other credentials that may be relevant for your Clients to know, like: presents on seminars on a regular basis, writes articles on a regular basis, teaches on a University / gives other types of training.

Select the languages that you speak / can write in.

My Snapshot
My Snapshot highlights some key qualities and characteristics of a Consultant / Freelancer, like Feedback, Rate and Experience Level. Basis this, Clients can quickly assess whether or not they may want to get in touch or continue searching.


Upload examples of your portfolio, work performed, presentations given, articles written, papers published or whatever you think that may be relevant for your Clients.

Highlight some of your Clients and / or describe in what Industry Sectors your typical Clients operate.


Feedback is an important tool for comparing and selecting the best business advisor for the job. As such it is critical for Consultants / Freelancers to build a reputation of Client satisfaction in the form of Feedback.

Your Feedback page shows an overview of feedback received from Clients in the past on a project basis as well as on an overall basis.

Feedback on an Overall Basis
Feedback on an overall basis is the average of all your Skill Ratings received on a project basis during the last 12 months. It also includes the number of Client Recommendations received and the number of Peer Recommendations received.

Feedback on a Project Basis
Feedback on a project basis shows feedback received from Clients on a project-by-project basis. This feedback can be in the format of:

  • Skill Rating, whereby a Client rates each project (from 1 through 5) on the basis of 8 key Advisory Skills, like: Quality, Expertise, Value for Money etc.
  • Written Review, whereby a Client leaves his personal comments for a project done.
  • As a Consultant / Freelancer you can leave a written reply to each Written Review received. 

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