Individual Consultants Feedback makes a Company’s Feedback Rating
A Company cannot obtain direct Feedback from their Clients. The main reason for this is that the main added value of an Advisory Company resides with its Advisors and therefore only these Advisors should be able to obtain direct Feedback from the Clients they served.

However, a Company does have a Feedback Rating attached to them being the average Feedback received of all Consultants connected to that Company. So the average Feedback received by all Consultants connected to a Company determine a Company’s Feedback Rating.

Obtain Feedback
For Clients, Feedback is an important tool for comparing and selecting the best Business Advisor for the job. As such it is critical for a Company to stimulate its Consultants to obtain Feedback as a result of which both the Company and the Consultant can build a reputation of Client satisfaction in the form of Feedback.

Feedback & different Memberships
Feedback can always be given to Consultants / Freelancers independent of what type of Membership they have. However, the level of visibility of their Feedback received towards other users on a Company’s profile page depends on the Membership plan chosen by the Company.

See here, for the different levels of visibility for Feedback received and related Membership plans.

What happens with a Consultant’s Feedback if that Consultant switches from employer?
If a Consultant of a Company switches from employer, for whatever reason, that Consultant will automatically take his / her Feedback received with him / her. Accordingly, that Consultant’s Feedback will not be included anymore in the Company’s overall Feedback Rating.

Likewise, if a Consultant joins a Company and they become Connected then the Consultant’s Feedback history will be included the Company’s overall Feedback Rating calculation.

See here for more information on Company / Consultant Connections and here for more details on implications of Consultants switching between employers.

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