To create your Company Profile you should first register / sign up and provide the following information: 

  • Your Company name
  • Your email
  • Make-up a password
  • Your country

After you have signed up you are ready to complete your profile. Your profile functions as your online Company resume that your Clients will use to evaluate your expertise and background. As such, it is an essential tool for finding new opportunities. Therefore we suggest making sure that you have a well-written overview along with your expertise, your average rate and ask for Feedback on work performed by Consultants that are Connected to your Company.

Your Company Profile exists of the following sections: 


Company Logo & Background Image
Upload your Company logo and background image. This is where you will define your public identity and establish your brand. Pick your profile and background images carefully as Clients will identify you by these images and we suggest following these guidelines.

Summarize your expertise in a few words triggering Clients why they should hire you.

Provide a link to your relevant Company website.

Contact Email
Provide any email address where you would like (potential) Clients to contact you on.

Contact Phone
Provide any phone number where you would like (potential) Clients to contact you on.

About the Company
Highlight background information about your Company that might be relevant for your Clients.

Our Services
Highlight the Services you offer, your specialization and why Clients should hire you.

Advisory Type
Select the relevant Business Service that your Company operates in.

Service Line
Select the relevant Service Lines that best match the lines of expertise of your Company.

Summarize your expertise in a few key words in the format of Tags.

List the city / cities in your country where your Company has an office.

Average rate/hour
Select your rate/hour charged to Clients on average.

Company Size
Select the number of FTE’s your Company has in your country.

Our Snapshot
Our Snapshot highlights some key qualities and characteristics of a Company, like number of Consultants connected to your Company, the average Feedback received by these Consultants and your average Market Rate. Basis this, Clients can quickly assess whether or not they may want to get in touch or continue searching.


Because the person behind the Advisor counts most for Clients in search for Advisors and not the company they work for, it is essential that as a Company you register most, if not all, of your Consultants who actually do the work for your Clients.

This section shows the individual Consultants actually working for your Company in your country. Clients can quickly get an idea of all the (registered) Consultants working for your Company and get in touch with the one who seems to be the best one for the job basis his / her Expertize and Feedback received.

For a Consultant to be listed here you need to establish a Company / Consultant connection. See here what Company / Consultant connection is and here how to establish such connection. 


For Clients, Feedback is an important tool for comparing and selecting the best business advisor for the job. As such it is critical for Consultants to build a reputation of Client satisfaction in the form of Feedback.

This section shows both (i) the average Feedback received of all Consultants connected to your Company and (ii) the average Feedback received of your Consultants on an individual level.

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