How does it work for a Company?

Create your profileBuild your Country Profile in a few minutes, adding services, expertise, experience and more. Get (more of) your Consultants registered and ConnectedGet all your registered Consultants working in your country Connected to your C... + View more

How do I create and maintain my profile page?

To create your Company Profile you should first register / sign up and provide the following information:  Your Company name Your email Make-up a password Your country After you have signed up you are ready to complete your profile. Your profile... + View more

What is the difference between a Company and a Consultant / Freelancer?

The main difference is that Consultants and Freelancers can get direct Feedback from their Clients while a Company cannot. However, a Company does have Feedback attached to them being the average Feedback received of all Consultants connected to t... + View more

What are Company / Consultant connections?

A Company is just a legal entity. What actually makes an Advisory Company are the Consultants / Advisors working for that Company. So a Company / Consultant connection can just be seen as an employer / employee connection, whereby the Consultants ... + View more

How to create and manage Company / Consultant connections?

There are only 2 requirements for creating a connection: (i) the Consultant needs to be employed by that Company and (ii) both need to be located in the same country. CreateConnections can be created by: Request - Click the “Connect with” button ... + View more

What is Our Snapshot?

Our Snapshot, as stated on a Company’s overview page, highlights some key qualities and characteristics of a Company. Basis this, Clients can quickly assess whether or not they may want to get in touch with that Company or one of it’s Consultants,... + View more

What Profile Images / Logo's are allowed for a Company?

A Company has the option to upload a profile and background image to its Profile. All uploaded images / logo’s used for your Company Profile or background should follow these guidelines: You must own the image or have a license to use the image. ... + View more